Why ancients were beautiful?

The day started with a message that today is a special day. Crowd of people passed by and I was watching them at the pier before I donated food to monks as a normal daily activity. However, today is New Year Eve and the last day of the year that monks would come for food donation. I called my grandmother when I saw the monk approaching near our pier. My grandmother invited the monk and I, as always, put rice in the monk bowl, but what happened today was the rice was very sticky and did not let go the spoon..then I knocked the spoon on the monk bowl which made rice dropped into the bowl!!! Yes, good try, but my grandmother disliked this way and she told that it was very sinful and bad manner for a lady to behave like this, however, I was too young to understand the reason. In my childhood, I was very naughty. We, I and my siblings always looked for some activities. We saw our grand father made Perfumed Powder, or Pang Rum and packed in can or other packaging. This production of Pang Rum started in the beginning of every summer and all of our family members participated, including my father and mother. The best selling time of the year was during Songkran festival. My grand father said that in the astrology, April 13 is the day that the sun moves into Aries. At that time, people used Pang Rum as a facial powder, even Burmese also put this powder on their faces and used comb to make a design. However, nowadays, Թ;ͧ is more well-known either to mix with water or honey. My grand father used to own a Pang Rum factory in the area of Bangwa which located near Mahachai. He chose that location because it was close to the source of raw material which is Salt and because the transportation was not as convenient as compare to the present, such as there was only one operator of bus service. After the production, the process of ͺ and packaging were done at Chakawad area. We were curious what Pang Rum made from and grand father told us that Pang Rum can also be called Rock Powder. It is natural powder from sea water that does not have salty taste and Salt Sand to heat dried and rinsed, we will have a pure white powder, a real natural color which grand father said this is a miracle that the brown sand can change to white sand. It could be similar to the natural process of making Թ;ͧ that use soil and heat dried and rinse, then we will get a white-grey color of Թ;ͧ At that period, summer was really hot and without air-conditioner. This is the reason why Pang Rum was the best solution for preventing and curing rash, skin irritation and prickly heat. The Salt Sand helps cooling and absorbing bad skin cells and makes skin smooth. During Songkran festive, we always went to SamPleum temple and saw people using Pang Rum to mix together with scent and sprinkled water onto monk and splashed water to each other. Thailand is in the tropical zone; however, we are lucky to have Pang Rum, a natural gift from Salt Sand. Afterwards, Pang Rum was made to be a cosmetic to give a beauty to ancients.






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