History of Madame Heng

The history started when grand father (Madame Heng’s husband) owned a factory for Perfumed powder (Pang Rum) production. Madame Heng was the founder of soap formula for family use. We all used her soap since young. On the day that she made soap, all neighbors would visit us and got free soap that she spared for each of them. Afterwards, she started to sell her soap without packaging and logo. Not long ago, Mr.Wannachai, Madame Heng’s youngest son, initiated to develop the packaging and named the soap as “Merry Bell”. In the beginning, it was a Camphor soap or known as Ginger soap. After the development of formula, it became a well-known Madame Heng’s original formula up to now. Madame Heng’s original name is Heng Shui Hui, Mr.Wannachai told the story that, she used to do trading with a Fragrance company from France, they called her Madame and she loved it. It was a coincident that there was a HongKong movie called Madame Sir, so we called her Madame Heng Sir. With her personality, she looks very much like Madame which makes us call her Madame since that time. She is now 88 years old and she was a center of love for all of her staffs. Madame Heng’s soap is very well-known among users because they can see the difference after usage of only one bar of soap which makes their face look brighter, less body odor and acne. And this story has been the word of mouth from users to users which become a quality guarantee for all of Madame Heng’s products. A qualification of good and high quality soap is that the body of soap has to be sticky, not dried and fast to be finished. Users may experience that Madame Heng’s soap finished faster than other soaps. This is because we do not mix powder in our soap. Our soap has a lot of bubble which the users misunderstood that we put extra chemical. It is the balance by not to damage the pure oil in soap which means it contains essential glycerin that most of soap producers extract from soap and put it in lotion or cream. Therefore, our soap is from purely natural process. We also select herbs from their benefits, how to make use of them, and their reliable sources. We do not use cheap herbs, but we use only herbs from the best source.






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